Buck – EVOAK

The Ember Vision series of gas log sets are set apart from the rest thanks to the ember bed at the front of the burner base. Small tufts of special material light up when the base is burning, giving the illusion of burning embers. These Hi-Definition Oak log sets come in two sizes: 24 inch logs (100 series) and 30 inch logs (200 series). The EV Oak is available as millivolt only, and gives you the option of a wireless remote. Both the 100 and 200 series EV Oak are compatible with our optional 19HS heat shield/blower.

100 Series (24″ Logs):17″ H x 32″ W (Front) & 26 ” W (Rear) x 15″ D
200 Series (30″ Logs):17″ H x 34″ W (Front) & 26 ” W (Rear) x 15″ D

100 Series (24″ Logs):20″ H x 34″ W (Front) & 31 ” W (Rear) x 20½” D
200 Series (30″ Logs):20″ H x 36″ W (Front) & 26 ” W (Rear) x 20½” D

Base Type/Log Set Type: Vent Free/ Ceramic

BTU/H Output: 40,000

Efficiency Rating: 99%

Thermostat Control: Millivolt Only

Fuel Source: L.P. Or Natural Gas

Hi to Lo Flame Control: Yes

Piezo Matchless Ignition: Yes

Oxygen Depletion Sensor: Yes

Aftermarket Manufactured Home Approved: Yes

Options Available: Wireless Remote or 19HS Blower